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Details for Roger Sheringham Mysteries - by Anthony Berkeley
Created by Ratio: 1.00peterg23 11 months ago
Audio Books : Mystery and Suspense : Other quality : English

All are unabridged and from CD quality sources. Four are encoded at 48 kbps and one at 64 kbps.

........02-Wychford.jpg 04-Silk-Stockings.jpg 05-Poisoned-Chocolates.jpg 06-Top-Storey.jpg 07-Basement.jpg

A journalist as well as a novelist, Anthony Berkeley (1893 - 1971) was a founding member of the Detection Club and one of crime fiction's greatest innovators. He was one of the first to predict the development of the 'psychological' crime novel and he sometimes wrote under the pseudonym of Francis Iles. He wrote twenty-four novels, ten of which feature his amateur detective, Roger Sheringham.

* The Wychford Poisoning Case ( Book 2) [7 hours 48 mins] 1926, Read by Mike Grady.
Mrs. Bentley has been arrested for murder. The evidence is overwhelming: arsenic she extracted from fly papers was in her husband's medicine, his food and his lemonade, and her crimes are being plastered across the newspapers. Even her lawyers believe she is guilty. But Roger Sheringham, the brilliant but outspoken young novelist, is convinced that there is too much evidence against Mrs. Bentley and sets out to prove her innocence. Written by Anthony Berkeley, a founder of the celebrated Detection Club who also found fame under the pen name Francis Iles, the story saw the return of Roger Sheringham, the Golden Age's breeziest - and booziest - detective.

* The Silk Stocking Murders ( Book 4 ) [8 hours 34 mins] 1928, Read by Mike Grady.
Investigating the disappearance of a vicar's daughter in London, the popular novelist and amateur detective Roger Sheringham is shocked to discover that the girl is already dead, found hanging from a screw by her own silk stocking. Reports of similar deaths across the capital strengthen his conviction that this is no suicide cult but the work of a homicidal maniac out for vengeance - a desperate situation requiring desperate measures.Having established Roger Sheringham as a brilliant but headstrong young sleuth who frequently made mistakes, trusted the wrong people and imbibed considerable liquid refreshment, Anthony Berkeley took his controversial character into much darker territory with "The Silk Stocking Murders", a sensational novel about gruesome serial killings by an apparent psychopath bent on targeting vulnerable young women....

* The Poisoned Chocolate Case ( Book 5 ) [8 hours 5 mins] 1929, Read by Gordon Griffin.
Graham and Joan Bendix have apparently succeeded in making that eighth wonder of the modern world, a happy marriage. And into the middle of it there drops, like a clap of thunder, a box of chocolates. Joan Bendix is killed by a poisoned box of liqueur chocolates that cannot have been intended for her to eat. The police investigation rapidly reaches a dead end. Chief Inspector Moresby calls on Roger Sheringham and his Crimes Circle - six amateur but intrepid detectives - to consider the case. The evidence is laid before the Circle, and the members take it in turn to offer a solution. Each is more convincing than the last, slowly filling in the pieces of the puzzle until the dazzling conclusion.

* Top Storey Murder ( Book 6 ) [7 hours 23 mins] 1931, Read by Michael Kitchen.
Michael Kitchen does a fine job recreating the mood, speech patterns, quaint expressions and slang of 1931 London. (An amusing and "dated" point is presented in the storyline: Miss Barnett is considered an old lady--at 48 years old!) Anthony Berkeley develops the unusual premise of having a fiction crime writer accompany Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Morseby on a murder investigation. Eventually, of course, these two crime experts are pitted against each other in a race to find the killer. The London setting, 30's manners and lifestyle all contribute to make this a fun and intriguing period piece.

* Murder in the Basement ( Book 7 ) [6 hours 30 mins] 1932, Read by Sean Barrett. 64Kbps
1932. When two newlyweds move into their new home, only to discover that a corpse has been buried in their basement a few months prior, a gruelling case is begun to trace the identity of the victim. With all avenues of investigation approaching exhaustion, a tenuous lead offers a chance for Chief Inspector Moresby and leads him to the amateur criminologist Roger Sheringham, who has recently been providing cover work in a school south of London. Desperate for evidence of any kind on the basement case, Moresby begins to sift through the manuscript of a satirical novel Sheringham had been writing about his colleagues at the school, convinced that amongst the cast of teachers hides the victim - and perhaps their murderer...

* My other audio book torrents are here:
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02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/02_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp36.75 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/03_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.26 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/04_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp36.25 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/05_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp34.32 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/06_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.89 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/07_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.44 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/08_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.53 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/09_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp38.73 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/10_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.56 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/11_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.06 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/12_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.13 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/13_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.09 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/14_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.19 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/15_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp38.19 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/16_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.95 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/17_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.53 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/18_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.70 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/19_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.21 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/20_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.41 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/21_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.25 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/22_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp35.57 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/23_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp36.31 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/24_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp36.32 MB
02--The Wychford Poisoning Case--ED48/25_The Wychford Poisoning Case.mp37.12 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/01_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp39.37 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/02_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp35.10 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/03_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp36.69 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/04_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp36.06 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/05_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp35.38 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/06_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp35.77 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/07_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.42 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/08_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.08 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/09_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.08 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/10_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.33 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/11_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp35.15 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/12_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.31 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/13_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp36.33 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/14_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp35.98 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/15_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp36.49 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/16_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp36.97 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/17_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.71 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/18_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.75 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/19_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp36.75 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/20_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.27 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/21_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp38.14 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/22_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp37.86 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/23_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp35.90 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/24_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp39.01 MB
04--The Silk Stocking Murders--ED48/25_The Silk Stocking Murders.mp312.31 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/01_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp39.29 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/02_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp37.27 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/03_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp37.20 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/04_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp39.02 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/05_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp310.41 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/06_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp37.21 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/07_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp37.48 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/08_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp311.44 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/09_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp38.10 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/10_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp38.11 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/11_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp314.10 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/12_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp36.55 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/13_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp38.15 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/14_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp37.88 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/15_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp39.28 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/16_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp39.74 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/17_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp36.59 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/18_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp312.22 MB
05--The Poisoned Chocolate Case--ED48/19_The Poisoned Chocolate Case.mp38.54 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/01_Top Storey Murder.mp310.37 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/02_Top Storey Murder.mp39.73 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/03_Top Storey Murder.mp310.11 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/04_Top Storey Murder.mp39.45 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/05_Top Storey Murder.mp314.64 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/06_Top Storey Murder.mp314.86 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/07_Top Storey Murder.mp314.14 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/08_Top Storey Murder.mp314.38 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/09_Top Storey Murder.mp314.86 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/10_Top Storey Murder.mp314.16 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/11_Top Storey Murder.mp313.81 MB
06--Top Storey Murder--CD48/12_Top Storey Murder.mp312.82 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/01_Murder in the Basement.mp319.81 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/02_Murder in the Basement.mp37.27 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/03_Murder in the Basement.mp37.98 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/04_Murder in the Basement.mp36.86 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/05_Murder in the Basement.mp317.58 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/06_Murder in the Basement.mp39.93 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/07_Murder in the Basement.mp318.60 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/08_Murder in the Basement.mp35.36 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/09_Murder in the Basement.mp38.83 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/10_Murder in the Basement.mp38.30 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/11_Murder in the Basement.mp39.17 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/12_Murder in the Basement.mp310.81 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/13_Murder in the Basement.mp38.30 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/14_Murder in the Basement.mp38.32 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/15_Murder in the Basement.mp37.20 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/16_Murder in the Basement.mp39.76 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/17_Murder in the Basement.mp38.00 MB
07--Murder in the Basement--MPCD64/18_Murder in the Basement.mp38.08 MB
Synopsis.txt4.38 KB
Torrent_downloaded_from_Demonoid.is_.txt58 B
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Thank you
Posted by Ratio: 1.00Swengali 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
The first description appears to be about the wrong novel as it mentions 'The Crime at Black Dudley' by Margery Allingham. I'm not complaining though as I'm still very grateful!
Posted by Ratio: 1.00peterg23 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
The description of The Wychford Poisoning Case has now been corrected.
Posted by Ratio: 1.71yug04 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
Thank you
Posted by Ratio: 2.81zenswen10 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
Thanks, as always, Peter. Love these Golden Age mysteries!
Posted by Ratio: 1.00donleavy 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
Peter, again I thank you :-)
Posted by Ratio: 1.00donleavy 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
Golden golden-age, thank you Peter :-)
Posted by Ratio: 1.00Helvetica1 11 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
Thankyou !!
Posted by Ratio: 0.19Feanie 9 months ago [ Complain ] [ Send PM ]
Thank you, peterg Cheesy
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